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brocky [userpic]

Test post

March 6th, 2007 (02:58 pm)

Want to see if this shows up somewhere!

brocky [userpic]

Folowers or admirers.

September 7th, 2005 (01:38 pm)

Warned you this would be rants.
We all want to come to Jesus on our own terms but we must come to Him on His terms. Yes Jesus was accepting but he also expected followers not just admirers. He sent the Rich young man away because he wanted to follow Jesus on his own terms.
Jesus demands followers not admirers, not people who attend but people who belong, He wants a Body not individuals.
We want freedom but God wants slaves, voluntary slaves!
Sometimes I think we are concerned with our freedom, our needs, our desires, our terms. What we fail to realize we are all slaves to something, whether it is sin, finances, desires, our own lives, or whatever.
Here is the dichotomy of being a follower of Jesus: true freedom can only be found in slavery!
Freedom comes through more commitment, through more sacrifice, through more service, through more giving, through more slavery to God and the pursuit of His Kingdom..........

brocky [userpic]


August 29th, 2005 (11:15 am)

Just wanted to prove I could do a real short post! ;-)

brocky [userpic]


August 29th, 2005 (10:49 am)

Well second post ever....woohoo........ok not exciting at all, so here we go!
Good weekend, but a wee bit too busy!!!!
Starting Friday night, had a wedding in Plum Coulee. I know thats what I thought the first time I heard that name, sounds like a Wine Cooler (note to self: start a brand of wine cooler named Plum Cooly). Great wedding because it was a great young couple getting married. These young people are awesome, first wedding I have been to that had a Vision Statement for their marriage! Great idea!
Enjoyed being a part of their new life together, having seen them grow over the past 5 years or so and seeing them responding to God and His amazing call on their lives. They have a desire to be Jesus to the lost and take risks for Him!
Saturday I spent the day hanging out on a hoby farm fixing my new truck, trying to get it ready for the safety. Banjo the dog was a little unhappy because we wouldn't let him chase the chickens, guess he thought they looked bored and needed the exercise!
Then Saturday night was able to meet with a bunch of people from my new community.
I must just be strange....ok you know I am, but this process is exciting to me, the exploration of community with a new group of people, and wow what a group of people! It really has been quite some time since I feel such a connection with a group. These people I already feel an "ownership" in this community. I feel if God has led me here he will determine the steps and lead us as we walk together, exploring all God has for us as part of His Body in the world.
The part where I might be strange is its easy for me to think of this new community as "us" rather then "us and them". I guess because we are all looking for a community to be a part of, to have ownership in. And lets face it we are already part of each other as the Body Of Christ.
Maybe the fear is comfort? The fear that we will loose that whith which we find comfort in, security in, just that familiarity. Even sometimes when that comfort is in the move of God. Thats where our danger is, when something is undeniabley God, it is good and healing so then we camp and hang out there. As humans we like that feeling that comfort but we hang for too long when God is already moving, calling us to follow.
God never let me miss your moving, your will, your now because I like where I am! Challenge me, stretch me, draw me forward into all you have for your kingdom!!!

brocky [userpic]


August 26th, 2005 (01:34 pm)

Well I am going to give this blog thing a go, here I am as a techno geek, have even signed up for blogs in the past but always felt like it was too much like a diary, and lets face it I barely want to hear about my life so I don't want to bore people who stumble across my rants!
So let's give it a try, and if you are bored blame the people from the South, my new church family, my new community.......
Dear Diary,
Exciting times to be alive serving a God who exists in the impossible!
I think too often we are afraid to step out and take risks, when God calls us into the impossible. I have always loved the story of Jonathon and his armour bearer. The Israelites were in a battle with the Philistines again, except this time they really had no serious weapons (Sharpened farming implements are kind of like going to battle with a Swiss Army Knife, you can eat your breakfast cereal with the spoon but not very good for battle). No one was willing to step out into the impossible, to take the risk, so Jonathon turns to His armour bearer and says "let's go over to those scumbags, PERHAPS God will move through us and kick some serious tail!" (Brock Paraphrase). The part I love is that one word "PERHAPS".
I think sometimes we all wait for the audible voice from heaven, the "for sure" sign, the definitive answer or call from God while, I am starting to realize God is waiting for His people to walk in the "Perhaps", the "Maybe", the "I am not sure but perhaps God will bless this risk, this dream and accomplish superabundantly more then I could hope, dream, or even imagine."
I have prayed and committed to live in the place of the Perhaps and have discovered its not always easy but it is definately always very scary and extraordinaraly worth it!

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